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Introducing Levreg

Are you ready to leverage registration and take your event to new heights? See how intuitive user tools, lightning fast delivery and robust analytics make registration simpler, faster and smarter than ever before.

Introducing Levreg


Just think, once your event ends, planning next year’s begins. Now setting up your event is easier than ever. Merge last year’s information with this year’s changes in seconds. No more waiting. No more fuss. It’s event technology at your fingertips.

User Tools

Powerful user tools when you want them and world-class service when you don't. When you choose the Levreg registration platform, you get a system that fits you.


Reveal what’s hiding in your data with our new platform. Discover opportunity. Gather insight. Expose weakness. CompuSystems delivers your data the way you want it, when you want it. Self-service dashboards give you a quick breakdown. Customized reports provide a deeper look. Industry-wide analytics and forecasting tools give you the insight to stop reacting and get ahead of trends. It’s your data, decoded.

The Levreg platform is for business, corporate, commercial, and promotional trade show and event registration services — namely, processing, reporting and analyzing event and trade show registrations and registration data.
The Levreg platform also facilitates the creation, data storage, and maintenance of trade show and event registration websites.

Satellite Registration Areas and Mobile Registration Carts

In an effort to make picking up credentials as easy as possible for their registrants, more and more Show Organizers are utilizing satellite registration areas and mobile carts. While most everyone knows that a satellite registration area is simply a remote area from the main registration site, not everyone knows what mobile registration carts are and the benefits they offer. In this blog, we will talk about mobile registration carts, location selection and the potential costs involved with both.