Your Trusted Registration Partner

Take your event to the next level with registration solutions that meet the demands of today’s competitive event market.

We are a full-service registration provider to many of the world’s top event organizers. We offer services spanning registration, data analytics, attendance promotion and lead management. We’re driven by immense passion to help our customers make their event the best it can be.

The Union of Speed, Power and Ease

Powering our products and services is a cloud-based platform, Levreg®, built to handle the needs organizers face in today’s competitive event market. It boasts unprecedented scalability and reliability and allows us to set up and maintain websites quicker and easier than ever before. It comes equipped with a robust data management tool that gives us and our customers the ability to mine and manipulate the registration data with ease.

Sleek. Engaging. Effective.

Online registration is often one of the first steps someone takes when deciding to attend an event. It has to be engaging, simple to navigate and a quick, pain-free process. We know this well because we develop over 700 custom registration websites each year for virtually every type of event.

  • Responsive design – works on any device
  • Session management
  • 3rd party integration
  • Web traffic analytics
  • Matching & appointments
  • Dashboards

Fastest Badging in the Business

Onsite registration is mission critical, and no one understands that better than us. It requires the right tools, the right people and the right processes. We have them all, and have been fine tuning them since 1976.

  • Full-service registration
  • Attendant, self-registration, express badge pick-up
  • Access control and session tracking
  • Color printing with multiple badge stock options
  • Wearable beacons
  • Mobile registration carts & kiosks
  • Custom app development

Engagement Throughout Show Cycle

Quality buyer/seller engagement is important for the overall health of your event. To help maximize this opportunity, we built engagement functionality into the core of our products—dashboards, show app and lead retrieval app—all of which integrate seamlessly with the registration system, providing a fully integrated registration process.

  • Connect and engage before, during and after the event
  • Buyer/seller matching and appointment setting
  • Agenda builder
  • In-app messaging and alerts

Customer Service Personified

First impressions are lasting impressions. Our call center team understands this well and treats your valued customers like they were our own. Our experts undergo extensive training to ensure they are knowledgeable about the details of your event. They uphold our “customer-first” approach with an attitude of helpfulness, friendliness and patience. Our number one goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience.

  • Support phone calls, emails and chat
  • Service over 300,000 registrants each year
  • Ticketing system to track and manage calls, emails and chats
  • Customer satisfaction surveying
  • Average hold time of less than 2 minutes

The Registration Process Simplified

Equip your team with the tools they need to manage registration on their own with greater ease and efficiency.

  • Database Manager
  • Data Download
  • Confirmation Manager
  • Code Manager
  • Demographic Manager
  • Discount Manager
  • Qualification Manager

Customer Success

Our Customer Success Program has one goal – to make your event as successful as possible. We achieve this through extensive client consultation, sound project management practices and company-wide performance measurement.


It is important that we have the full understanding of your needs before we begin developing your custom registration solution. We do this by consulting with all the key departments within your organization. We have a team of subject matter experts who lead a series of key meetings with your organization, resulting in a thorough understanding of your needs and a detailed plan of action.

  • Proven onboarding process
  • Best practices used
  • Specification gathering tools

Project Management

We use formal project management software and techniques to manage your event. It starts with an in-depth onboarding that follows a process of discovery, goal setting, task scheduling and project plan development. Your assigned project manager uses the project plan, project management software and powerful ticketing software to manage your event from start to finish. The result is a smooth transition from your current registration service provider to us.

  • Service Level Agreement
  • Alerts
  • Consistent results


We live by the principle that "if you are not measuring, you are not managing". With extensive surveying, we measure our performance in each key area of our business. The results are tracked and continually reviewed, and we take swift action to make service improvements if needed.

  • Dashboards
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Reporting

Knowledge is Power

Transform the way you explore your registration data, find answers and take action.

CompuSystems offers a powerful analytics platform that will help you understand your event in ways you never thought possible. Quickly see how you are pacing in any aspect of registration and start making data-driven decisions.


Each key individual in your organization can have their own tailored dashboards to monitor and explore the data they need. Compare your current event to past events; identify patterns in registration and sessions; gauge marketing efforts and compare registration data to other data sets.

  • Year over year comparisons
  • Drill down capabilities
  • Scheduling

Reporting and List Generation

Running reports and creating lists is quick and easy. Report on virtually any aspect of registration and schedule daily or weekly reports. Generate marketing lists to promote your event, and more.

  • Trend Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Data Warehouse

We store all our event data in a single data warehouse. This allows us to see trends across all of our events, within specific industry segments or across your events. This helps our customers gain valuable insights they may not be able to get on their own.

  • Global records
  • Scalable
  • Add data from any source

Attract and Engage

Getting qualified buyers onto your show floor is paramount to the success of your event. Create buzz and turn prospects into registrants with our extensive suite of services.

Targeted Marketing Service

We will help you create campaigns focused on your best audience segments. This marketing program identifies specific prospect groups and provides email templates with targeted messaging and offers.

Invite-a-Friend for Attendees

Right from their registration dashboard, attendees are able to send an HTML email to friends and colleagues inviting them to register for the show. All registrations generated from this feature are tracked so you can view the results.

Invite-a-Customer for Exhibitors

Exhibitors are able to send an HTML email to their customers inviting them to register for the show directly from their registration dashboard. All registrations generated from this feature are tracked so you can view the results.

Outreach Emails

In a busy workplace, broadcast emails are oftentimes the most effective way to reach your registrants. We offer a variety of automated emails to maximize registration and attendance opportunities. Learn More


This powerful, web-based list marketing system allows exhibitors to mine the attendee registration data and send targeted broadcast emails promoting their booth. TrafficMax increases exhibitor ROI by promoting booth attendance, as well as encourages overall event attendance.

Google Analytics

Gain valuable insights into how people are interacting with your event registration website. Find out things like: how visitors are finding the website, which pages and links visitors click most, and which campaigns of yours give you the best results. This allows you to make the necessary adjustments to attract more people to your event, as well as improve the user experience for online registration.

A|B Testing

Ever wonder if a different registration website flow or approach would boost your registration numbers? Now there is a simple way to get the answer. You can deploy two different websites to see which one generates more registrations, fewer abandonments and better registrant feedback.

InGo Integration

Acquire new, quality attendees by integrating InGo with online registration. It allows attendees to register and spread information about your event across their social networks. Attendees can also send personalized invites to their network, which will further increase your event’s reach and impact.

Registration Widgets

A free and easy way for exhibitors to promote their booth and your event from their company’s own website. A widget is a small snippet of code that exhibitors can download from the registration dashboard and place on their corporate website. Just like the exhibitor registration widget, we offer a separate widget to promote your onsite sessions.

myExhibitors / myLeads

A post show service that gives attendees and exhibitors online access to their booth contacts so they can continue to network after the event.


A form of online advertising that offers you a clever way to make another impression with visitors to your registration website who ultimately did not register. It allows you to position targeted ads in front of this defined audience as they browse elsewhere around the internet.

Smart Auto Dialer

Provides an additional way to promote registration, sessions and more. It automatically dials a targeted selection of telephone numbers. Once the call has been answered, the Auto Dialer either plays a custom recorded message or connects the call to a live person. Reports on usage are included in this service.

Onsite Inquiry App

One of the best times to promote your next event is when your registrants are engaged in the excitement of your current event. With our new onsite inquiry app, we make it quick and easy for registrants to express their interest in your next event by simply scanning their badge at a self-serve inquiry station.

Audience Growth & Monetization Software

Sync and integrate data from your registration system to Feathr’s platform, enabling more powerful segmentation, campaign targeting and more accurate reporting.

Lead Management

Creating a one-of-a-kind experience for exhibitors

Equip your exhibitors with the products they need to attract qualified buyers to their booth, develop high-quality sales leads, and close more sales.

CompuLEAD App

The CompuLEAD lead retrieval app is a powerful and easy way to capture sales leads. Its versatile nature is perfect for allowing exhibitors to use the app on their own phone or tablet, allowing them to capture leads anywhere around the event.Benefits:

  • Capture and view full lead contact information in real-time
  • Send electronic literature to attendees directly from app
  • Qualify leads extensively with action codes, surveys and notes
  • View attendee appointments
  • Optional wireless printer available

CompuLEAD Tablet

A rental LG tablet equipped with the CompuLEAD app that allows exhibitors to scan badges both on and off the event floor.Benefits:

  • Large touch screen and easy note-taking functionality
  • Capture and view full lead contact information in real-time
  • Qualify leads extensively with action codes, surveys and notes
  • View attendee appointments
  • Optional wireless printer available


Tailored for exhibitors that exhibit at multiple shows a year or capture over 200 leads per event, the atEvent lead capture solution gives exhibitors the tools and insights they need to maximize sales conversions from events.Benefits:

  • Leads are automatically transferred in marketing automation and CRM systems
  • Drives prospect nurturing and near real-time follow-up of sales-ready leads
  • Scans barcoded badges and business cards
  • Interaction history across events

Post-show Follow-up Service

Our premier post-show follow-up service gives exhibitors a real-time portal to view, download and edit all the leads taken by their team in real-time.Benefits:

  • Quickly and easily download your leads
  • Leads are ready to be added to your own CRM or database
  • Run reports to help measure ROI

Triple Play

With CompuSystems’ Triple Play it’s all about the exhibitor. We create a one-of-a-kind experience for your exhibitors by providing exceptional services that help increase exhibitor performance and retention rates.

Included in the Triple Play Program:

VIP Exhibitors

  • Comprehensive personal service
  • Tailored lead-management solutions
  • Personal one-on-one onsite training
  • Increased exhibitor success

First-time Exhibitors

  • Trade show best practices training
  • Exhibitor performance leads to exhibitor retention
  • Optional webinar with lead capture expert

Exhibitor Registration & Lead Retrieval Co-location

  • One-stop-shop for badges and devices
  • Increased lead retrieval product exposure
  • Easy to find and convenient for exhibit managers

New Product Showcase

Help your exhibitors really stand out by offering a new product showcase. Whether it’s a physical area on the show floor, a virtual showcase through your show app or both, a new product showcase brings attendees and exhibitors together.Benefits:

  • Fosters the buyer/seller relationship
  • Promotes an active show floor
  • Increases registrant’s ROI
  • Generates booth traffic
  • Generates sales leads

Sponsorship Opportunities

Increase revenue and exhibitor ROI by taking advantage of a variety of attractive sponsorship opportunities to market to your exhibitors. These options can be conveniently advertised alongside other sponsorship opportunities and require minimal effort to implement.

  • Attendee Registration Website
  • Registration Badges/Tickets
  • Onsite Registration Kiosks
  • Attendee Registration Confirmation
  • Attendee Mobile App
  • Express Badge Pickup App