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 CompuSystems Trade Show Event Floor

Social Media Integration

Clients, as well as registration vendors understand the marketplace need for social media within the registration process.  Incorporating online marketing tools, in addition to standard marketing tools to drive traffic to your event is an integral part of a well-rounded, multi-faceted marketing campaign.  To stay current with this growing trend, many companies are turning to their registration vendor and InGo, a social media event marketing plugin, for assistance.

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Satellite Registration Areas and Mobile Registration Carts

In an effort to make picking up credentials as easy as possible for their registrants, more and more Show Organizers are utilizing satellite registration areas and mobile carts. While most everyone knows that a satellite registration area is simply a remote area from the main registration site, not everyone knows what mobile registration carts are and the benefits they offer. In this blog, we will talk about mobile registration carts, location selection and the potential costs involved with both.

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What to do at this Year's Event to Maximize Registration for Next Year

In the diverse world of events and tradeshows, one thing that all Show Organizers have in common is their desire to grow attendance. Many turn to advance marketing techniques such as e-blasts, custom brochures and special pre-show offers. Increasingly however, Show Organizers are looking at their onsite event for ways to capture attendees. Below are some ideas for what you can do AT your current event to gain attendance for your future event.

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The Importance of Good Website Design

In the trade show industry, the importance of getting people to register for your event is paramount. Every year, show organizers are experimenting with new and different ways to do just that, such as using social media event marketing plugins and offering incentives to register for your next event while at your current event.