Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been in regular contact with our customers and have been encouraged by the creative solutions they are finding to reopen their live events under the new health and safety regulations. We are happy to report that many of them with live events later this year are planning to proceed as scheduled.

Here are some of the safe event solutions we’ve been talking to our customers about that will hopefully give you ideas for your event.

1. Virtual Badge

The traditional name badge is replaced with an identification-only printed name tag and a virtual badge that resides on the registrant’s smartphone. The virtual badge is used to gain access to the event floor and into sessions and for lead retrieval purposes. 


    • Registration confirmation includes a link for the registrant to add their virtual badge to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay pass.
    • The virtual badge will include a QR Code to be scanned for event floor and session access and for lead retrieval purposes.


    • Eliminates the need to have a badge printed at onsite terminals
    • Registrants’ uploaded photo ID can be included in the virtual badge
    • Touchless scanning of virtual badge will allow for increased security and health safety
virtual badge on iPhone X

2. At-Home Name Tag Printing

Registrants print their own name tag on plain paper before they leave for the event. Their name tag is provided in a PDF document that is conveniently downloaded from a link on the registration confirmation or customer portal. When onsite, the name tag is easily folded by the registrant to fit into the clear plastic badge holder used with a lanyard (supplied by show management).


    • Works on any type of printer.
    • Can be customized to match the event’s branding.
    • On-demand remote contactless printers are available for name tag reprints onsite.


    • Self-serve
    • Limits onsite equipment required for badge printing
    • Increased health safety by limiting onsite printing

Want to see how the at-home name tag printing works? Click on the name tag image above to print it out.

3. On-Demand Contactless Printer

A self-serve and touchless solution for registrants to print their name tag or badge from printing stations that can be strategically placed throughout the convention hall. Registrants launch the printing application right from their registration confirmation. After punching the printer station code into their phone or tablet, their badge prints immediately. 


    • Printer stations have a small footprint and fit nicely on tables or counters.
    • Stations include a printer, long-lasting onboard battery, and internet router.
    • Printing application works on any phone, tablet, or computer.


    • Can be placed in remote locations such as airports and hotels
    • Increased security and health safety
    • Reduce foot-traffic in the main registration area 
Remote Badge Printing Station

4. Staggered Check-in Time for Registrants

One of the best ways to limit the number of people in the registration area at one time is to implement staggered check-in times for your exhibitors and attendees. Getting people to select a check-in time can be difficult so we recommend making it a mandatory step in the registration process. 


    • Exhibitors and registrants will be required to choose a specific time window and location to pick their badge.
    • The time they select will appear on their registration confirmation that they will add to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay pass.
    • Upon arriving at registration, they will be required to show their scheduled pickup time to the Guard before proceeding to the contactless badge pickup area.


    • Increased health and safety
    • Fully integrated with the registration process
    • Control the number of people in the registration area at one time
Staggered check-in Businessman using calendar on laptop

5. Contactless Express Registration Carts or Kiosks

A lot like our on-demand contactless printers, but with more capabilities. Our kiosks and mobile carts have onboard self-serve barcode scanners to support a larger influx of people that you would have in the main registration area. 


    • Kiosks include a tablet, badge scanner, and badge printer for contactless printing. The registrant simply scans their registration barcode to print their badge. 
    • Mobile carts can be equipped with either a laptop and scanner or a tablet on a stand in conjunction with a badge printer. The registrant simply scans their registration barcode to print their badge. 
    • Can be placed in the main registration area or in virtually any remote location such as airports or hotels.


    • Self serve and contactless
    • No need for badge holders
    • Eliminates the need for barcode scanners in areas that require security entry
contactless kiosk

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