app-based lead retrieval

Gone are the days of collecting business cards and clunky lead recording equipment.  With the world moving into app-based software and solutions, why should lead management be any different?  Over the past several years, app-based lead retrieval has truly become the new standard.

Jen Mitchell, CompuSystems’ Vice President of Business Development, discusses the advantages for exhibitors, as well as show organizers and why app-based lead management solutions are here to stay.


Exhibitors have the convenience of using their own phone or tablet to collect leads.  There is no longer a need to stand in line to pick up a unit or return it at the close of the show. With less lead retrieval equipment required, it also offers the option of combining the Exhibitor Lead Management Services Area with Exhibitor Registration, improving the overall exhibitor experience by creating a one-stop shop option. After all, what exhibitor wouldn’t want one less line to stand in?  Additionally, the learning curve that is commonly associated with custom lead recording units is all but eliminated; built in app-based help and even how to videos are typically made available by vendors via the app.

Exhibitors never know when they might need to capture a hot lead.  Well-designed apps allow exhibitors the opportunity to collect leads even when they are not on the trade show floor.  Leads can be taken anywhere, at any time, even when there is no internet connectivity.  Just scan now and sync later!

In addition to allowing lead capture anytime and anywhere, well-designed apps allow the exhibitor to survey their leads, as well as attach standard and custom qualifiers to their record.  They allow exhibitors to edit lead information, add notes and instantly send marketing materials to leads directly from the app while the attendee is right in front of them!

Having to wait until days after the show to get a file of your leads is a thing of the past.  Arguably, the most important benefit to app-based lead retrieval is the instant, real-time access to sales leads.  Not only can you immediately follow-up with your leads, but the follow-up process as a whole has been completely streamlined in many cases.

Show Organizers

We’ve all heard the expression, “less is more”.  For the show organizer, this rings especially true with regard to space required in the Exhibitor Services Area.  As mentioned above, due to exhibitors using app-based devices, the need for additional counters, chairs and space to store bulky hardware is significantly decreased, subsequently increasing the savings for the show organizer.   Additionally, with quicker lead follow-up available for exhibitors, they will likely increase their ROI making the event a “can’t miss” for the future.

Another huge advantage to app-based lead retrieval is the ability to integrate cutting-edge beacon technology with your lead retrieval app.  Not only does it offer the ability to generate additional revenue, but it also really changes the way that show organizers look at their data.  Beacons allow for:

• Instant alerts to registrants from the show organizer

• Instant alerts to registrants from exhibiting companies that have purchased the service (additional revenue generator)

• Extremely accurate analytics and heat mapping

The benefits of app-based lead retrieval speak for themselves and are increasing every day.  If you don’t already offer this as an option, ask your vendor for additional information.  They would be happy to discuss their specific app’s functionality with you.