by Kahle Williams

When in-person events return, many exhibitors will opt to use lead retrieval to capture sales leads just as they’ve always done. But how they capture sales leads is likely to change.

The challenge with the most popular lead capture method (i.e., exhibitor scans the attendee’s barcode) is that it can’t be done from 6 feet away. How, then, will exhibitors capture sales leads when they are social distancing?

Luckily, we have a couple of alternative methods that work quite effectively…the first of which is already used by the exhibitors that rent tablets from us:

1. Manual badge number input

In addition to the QR code, every badge has a Smart ID number. Exhibitors can enter this 7-digit number into their lead retrieval app to capture full contact information from the attendee. It takes only a few seconds to enter and they can do it a safe distance away from the attendee.

Name badge with magnifying glass displaying attendee registration number

2. CompuLEAD Kiosk self-scanning

This product is entirely self serve for attendees, eliminating any person-to-person interaction. An attendee walks up to the kiosk and is prompted to scan their badge. The exhibitor receives full contact information from the attendee.

CompuLead Kiosk running CompuLead Application, displaying buttons to add new leads, view content, current leads, or appointments

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