The 2023 AAPEX Show, a key event in the automotive aftermarket industry, set forth three enhanced goals: 1) Foster stronger engagement between exhibitors and attendees; 2) Offer a streamlined method for attendees to access exhibitors’ digital content; 3) Upgrade the New Product & Packaging Showcases, enabling entrants to monitor interest in their showcased products. Moreover, the event aimed to bolster exhibitors’ lead generation and minimize the costs of producing and transporting promotional materials.

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To achieve its 2023 goals, the AAPEX Show collaborated with CompuSystems (CSI) to implement their M3 product for the event held from October 31 to November 2 at the Venetian Expo. Approximately 600 exhibitors received M3 product QR codes, which were prominently displayed within their booths. These QR codes, linked to the exhibitors’ digital content, enabled attendees to access this information on their smartphones via the M3 web application. For the New Product & Packaging Showcases, specific M3 QR codes were placed in front of each product. When attendees scanned these codes, they instantly received detailed information about the products directly on their phones. This feature not only enhanced attendee engagement but also provided exhibitors with organized lists of interested attendees, including full contact details, through the M3 leads portal. Attendees also benefited by receiving summaries of the booths they visited and the content they accessed, further enriching their event experience.


To boost engagement, CSI and the AAPEX Show introduced a gamification element. CSI developed an app to track attendee scans of M3 QR codes, with a leaderboard displayed on monitors throughout the convention hall. This feature significantly increased interaction, with the contest’s winner registering over 450 scans.

Impact and Results:

  • Engagement: The event saw 28,507 total M3 scans from 4,663 attendees.
  • Lead Generation: Exhibitors experienced a 196% increase in overall leads captured.
  • Cost Savings: The shift to digital content eliminated the need for printing and shipping materials.
  • Efficiency: Attendees appreciated the convenience of not having to carry hardcopy materials.
  • Flexibility: Attendees could access information at their leisure, enhancing their experience.


The implementation of CSI’s M3 app at the 2023 AAPEX Show marked a significant step forward in digital engagement and efficiency for trade shows. By successfully addressing the initial challenges, the M3 app not only enhanced the overall experience for both exhibitors and attendees but also introduced a new standard in how content and leads are managed at large-scale events.

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