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How many buyers were at your last event? Did your attendance increase from the previous year? While show organizers know the importance of growing their attendance, one major group they shouldn’t overlook is exhibitors. While sessions and other events are certainly important, having the ability to meet and connect with a variety of exhibitors is huge. In an effort to show exhibitors how important they really are, why not give them some special attention? At CompuSystems, Inc. we have done just that by implementing our “Triple Play” program.

The “Triple Play” provides a one-of-a-kind experience for your exhibitor groups, especially those that would be considered high profile. We provide exceptional service, helping them increase their performance and subsequently, your exhibiting company retention rates.


CompuSystems receives a list of the top 20 VIP exhibitors attending the event. They can be VIP’s for various reasons, including their booth size, their years of participation, etc. CompuSystems will contact these special exhibitors in advance, offering comprehensive, personal concierge service, tailored lead management solutions and one-on-one onsite training.

First Time Exhibitors

CompuSystems will reach out to every first time exhibitor to offer them best practices training, as well as a complimentary, optional webinar hosted by a lead capture expert. Making first time exhibitors feel special from the beginning and giving them the keys to succeed is the foundation for a long lasting relationship.

Exhibitor Registration and Lead Retrieval Co-location

Combining exhibitor registration with lead retrieval pick-up provides a one-stop shop for badges and lead devices. It increases lead retrieval product exposure, is easy to find and is convenient (and oftentimes less expensive) for Exhibit Managers as well.

Exhibitors play an integral role in your event. Provide them with the extra attention they deserve, making their participation as meaningful as possible. You may find yourselves noticing an uptick in exhibitor retention and even booth size.