Improving website design, website with graphics being placed

In the trade show industry, the importance of getting people to register for your event is paramount. Every year, show organizers are experimenting with new and different ways to do just that, such as using social media event marketing plugins and offering incentives to register for your next event while at your current event

Gone are the days of mailing in and faxing forms. Arguably, the most important (and fastest) way to get people to register for your event is through your website. I know… everyone knows that. But what everyone doesn’t know is how important it is to make sure your registrants have an excellent user experience. Your websites should be easy to use, intuitive and inviting. If you’re not quite sure how to accomplish this, take a minute to look at the tips below.

Simple Typography

• Choose fonts that are legible.

• Veer away from using a script font on body copy as it’s hard to read.

Good Image Quality

• Crop your images in interesting ways and make sure those images are relevant.

• Do not use pixelated or distorted images; they aren’t good representations of your product.

• Keep your image quality, but consider compressing the image size to a minimum. Smaller images help websites load faster.

Clear Navigation

• Utilize hierarchies – big, medium and small (but legible) text.

• When using buttons, make it clear that it’s a button.

• Concise labeling is important; you want registrants to know what they’re looking at.

Choose Color and Contrast Properly

• Don’t use dark grey font over a light grey background. There isn’t enough contrast making it hard to read.

• Keep the color scheme to a relative minimum. Too much color can be just that… too much.

Consistency is your Friend

• Buttons should look the same throughout.

• Labels should stay consistent – don’t label navigation one thing and the page header another.

Relevant Content

• Display what matters for your audience. If you have a long paragraph, break it apart into smaller chunks that are easier to digest.

• The top half of your web page determines if the user will stay on your website or not; display the most important information here.

By incorporating these design principles into your event registration websites, you will improve your user’s experience and increase your chances of repeat attendees. Your event will be amazing. Make sure people are there to see it.