Trade Show Reporting, graphic showing the movement of data

Show organizers are often plagued with trying to gather and make sense of relevant information from current and past shows. Just getting their data can be difficult. Pulling data from multiple sources and compiling lists of data into systems that are not robust enough to handle the information used to be the norm. Fortunately, that has all changed.

New, data-driven business intelligence and analytics systems have been created to help alleviate the pain points that show organizers have experienced. Data is now in the hands of the show organizer, meaning no more back and forth with your registration vendor to mine data and get the information and reports that you need. Technology now gives you the ability to have unlimited custom dashboards and reports of your own rather than viewing your vendor’s standard set of reports.

Registration vendors that use these systems provide advanced capabilities. Taking data from multiple sources and uploading it into their system, as well as customized user dashboards that highlight your preferences in an organized and clean manner are just a couple of examples. Mining registration IDs, billings, credits, refunds, discount codes or demographics is no longer a struggle, nor is comparing your data to past events or to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Show organizers have the information at their fingertips to get real-time charts and graphics without waiting weeks for them to be produced.

Think of these systems as Google Analytics for your registration and trade show information. Website information and registration data populate with little to no lag time. Dealing with International data? New reporting platforms allow you to separate out registration data by country. Need to know your highest refund dates? A custom financial dashboard can be created. Want to compare show information from past years? This technology makes it easy to import past data for comparison to the current year. Customization capabilities are endless, allowing for relevant data to be extracted and displayed without hassle.

Updates to data mining and reporting capabilities now leave the ability to collect data in the hands of the show organizer. Simpler and faster technology allows for completely customized dashboards and reporting based on the needs of the show. The headache of getting your data how you want it, when you want it, is a thing of the past.