Trade Shows have become outwardly data-centric, and they have to be. How would we build better shows in the future if we did not have data that supported and called for change? Technology is changing the way we use data and planning for our events by using innovative technology to harness crowdshaping.

Think of crowdshaping as reacting to data. Technology, social media and the use of GPS has given us the ability to know what people are doing, where they are and what they think about things, in any given situation. Reacting and making changes to the situation in real-time is crowdshaping.

The uses for this kind of technology in the trade show industry are endless. Our constant connection to our smartphones has made it possible for show organizers to have instant data that could simultaneously improve an attendee’s experience. Think shorter lunch lines, more seating in session rooms, the ability to ensure an attendee never had to wait for a shuttle.

This kind of data could provide a better experience for exhibitors too. Show mobile apps could control crowdshaping by allowing exhibitors access to preferences, location and influx of attendees. This could provide valuable ROI information before the attendee even arrives to their booth.

As crowdshaping technology improves, show organizers will have the ability to greatly improve the experience for all parties attending a show, making this real-time reactive data infinitely valuable.