There’s no question that your audience is on social media. Billions of people are already using it and that number increases every day. And companies are responding; the fastest growing marketing budget item is social media. Yet only 21% of event marketers say their efforts on social are “effective.”

We believe this is because social media represents a different type of opportunity, which requires a different thought process and approach to attain, and results bear this out.

Compared with traditional marketing channels, the people on social media are not just a ‘targeted audience;’ they are, in a sense, personal marketers themselves, looking to connect.

Instead of paying for placement, SEO, and clicks, event marketers have the opportunity to use social media to spark the most effective and brand-building marketing there is: “word-of-mouth” marketing created by Advocates.

Here’s an infographic covering why we believe the secret to social media marketing is Advocates.